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About Ambulance BD 24

“The gift of life is the biggest gift one could give to the others”. We proudly announce that we are one of the trustworthy emergency ambulance service providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We hold records when we catered to the emergency needs of people at the most crucial times. We are not only perfect with our name, the emergency ambulance service that we provide are specialized and prompt for years. We provide Ac Ambulance Service, ICU Ambulance Service, and Air Ambulance Service in Dhaka & All Over Bangladesh.

Our specialty is moving seriously ill patients through our best ambulance service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We serve ambulance services to patients across all the hospitals of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Our ambulance services are arranged in the most organized manner.  

Perfect Team to Give Best service

The ABC ambulance service provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh relocates the patients through emergency vehicles like AC ambulances, online ambulances, freezer ambulances that are well equipped with life support systems, or ICU setups. After serving in the capital for several years gracefully, our ambulance services are recognized as a leader for providing emergency healthcare.

We noticed the adverse situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The patients died before they were relocated to the hospitals. Witnessing the situation and keeping in the mind the value of life we launched online ambulance services in Dhaka. This will enable more and more to easily access our ambulance bd services at a crucial time. 

Team People

Ambulance BD 24 the Best Service

We take care that all the necessary things are kept in the ambulance. Our ambulance is well equipped with oxygen cylinders, a spinal board, cervical collar, scoop stretchers, first aid kit, and ventilators. They also have life support systems for the emergency cases like cardiac arrest, multiple organ failure, agina, etc.

We have hired staff and drivers who are well versed to deal with any type of road in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We assure the fastest journey round the clock for assisting the patients. We stand over an edge from our competitors due to our humanitarian style of working by giving special attention to our patients. Our motto is to serve mankind with our unmatched services. Keeping in mind the sensitivity attached to the job our team provides Ambulance BD 24 services with a sense of social responsibility. We work tirelessly to fulfill the grave needs of the patient at the time of emergency.

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