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Ambulance BD has ICU Ambulance services. Most of the time emergency patients need ICU/CCU services when they are in a critical situation. In that case, we provide the ICU ambulance service to them. Our ICU ambulance system is very advanced and modern. Patients will get all the important medical support. We also arrange a specialist doctor 24/7 for ICU services. Our service is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

ICU Ambulance in Bangladesh

We are an ICU ambulance service provider that has a prominent name throughout Bangladesh. We provide various types of ambulance services everywhere in Bangladesh. One such ambulance is the ICU ambulance service

We provide seamless unconditional services. We ensure the welfare of the patients. Our priority is to ensure the safety of the patients. We also ensure that they get medical aid as soon as possible.

We prioritize transporting the injured to the nearby hospital quickly. Our ICU ambulance service can be found anywhere in the whole of Bangladesh easily just by calling on the ICU ambulance phone number.

Advantages of ICU Ambulances

The task of the ICU ambulance is to carry the patients who are severely injured to the hospital. We have established a hospital-like ICU setup in the ICU ambulance. 

We are always ready to serve the patients with all the preparations at top-notch. We have ICU ambulances available that initiate the basic treatment of critical patients. 

We ensure the patients are under observation till the time they are admitted to the nearby hospitals. Our medical technicians diagnose the patients for critical conditions like critical asthma.

Reliable ICU Ambulance Services

We are chosen for the reliable and faithful services. The ambulance that we provide is very clean. Our ICU ambulance is handled by a team of experts and medical practitioners. 

Apart from that, all the necessary equipment is present in our ambulance to take care of the patient in an appropriate manner. We have hired a highly professional team. They are well trained and to them, their patient is the utmost priority. 

Our ICU ambulance services are available twenty hours that can be availed any time by calling on the ICU ambulance phone number.


How to get Our service

Our ICU Ambulance service is the best Service in Dhaka. If you need Emergency Ambulance services then you call Us    +8801919339689 or you can visit our website Then you can submit our form to get our services. We have more than 5 picks up points in Dhaka. So will reach to you as soon As possible . We will try to reach you from the nearest pickup point. Our point is the nearest hospital. so if you need to change hospital then our service is best for you. In this emergency situation, we try to give the fastest service to the patients .So that is why our services are the best in Dhaka.

  • quick pick up ,
  • fast action 
  • emergency facilities 
  • specialist doctor
  • modern technology. 


When need ICU Ambulance service ?

Most of the time when a patient need emergency service or need to change hospital one to another .

Is Your ICU Ambulance is fast and give emergency service ?

yes . we Do. In the last 5 years we provide all type of ambulance service to all over the Bangladesh. Our Pick up Points are in Mohakhali ,Mirpur ,gulshan ,Uttora and Motijheel . So we can reach to you very fast . we have multiple ICU Ambulance . so we can give the best services to you .

What is the easyiest way to get your service ?

phone call. You can call our number to get Icu ambulance service . We are available in Google map and Facebook also. You can search for our services .

what others ambulance service do you provide?

We mostly provide all the ambulance related services like ac ambulance , freezer ambulance, death body bear ambulance . So if you need this type of Ambulance service then can call us .
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