Freezer Ambulance in Bangladesh

freezer ambulnace in dhaka

Ambulance BD Provide the best Freezer Ambulance Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The dead bodies start decomposing if they are not kept in lower temperatures. The corpse may start to decompose and smell bad if it takes more time to transport. We provide a freezing ambulance that keeps the dead body or the corpse fresh. In the end, we are focusing on this service to keep the dead bodies safe. Because we know the importance of keeping a dead body freeze. Our experienced drivers are very good at their work. without thinking anything you can take our freezing services. we will give you the best result.

Our Freezing Ambulance Services

Corpses are required to keep in a cold environment so that they do not decompose. The need for a freezing ambulance was felt by our experts. Therefore, we have introduced the new  ambulance facility to our service line.

Best Ambulance Services i

You need to check up on some important things while you are hiring for a freezer ambulance. you are telling you why our services are the best ambulance service in Dhaka.

  1. The freezing system is directly imported from Japan.
  2. High quality steel scatters to keep the dead body.
  3. The richness has four weeks.
  4. There is a good arrangement of glass to keep the body left side of the ambulance.
  5. The team always monitor the dead body to keep it safe.
  6. we have a computer monitor system that helps us to monitor the body and all the system.
  7. The lighting system is good to see the dead body inside through our monitor system.

Advantages of the Freezing facility.

The freezer ambulance provided by us carries a frozen box. We provided this facility to keep the dead body fresh for several hours or a day. We keep the corpse at the lowest temperature of about 6 to 7 degrees to avoid decomposition of the dead bodies. 

We provide best ambulance services that are higher in the terms of quality and lower in the terms of cost. A well-measured temperature that is appropriate for the corpse is set. 

Many people avail of our trustworthy services for keeping the dead body of their loved ones free from germs or viruses. Our professional team keeps self-observation over every task.

Qualities of Our Freezer Ambulances

Our freezing ambulance holds various qualities including high-quality steel stretchers for carrying the body. Apart from this, we have made proper glass arrangements that enable us to see the body from the left side. 

One of the things that we take care of is hygiene. After the duty is accomplished, our staff clean the ambulance by using antiseptics as well as sanitisers.No one cannot affect others people from a dead body. we all are taking care of this matter.  

How to get Freezer Ambulances Service

it’s very easy to get our freezing ambulance service. In Dhaka, we have more than five pickup points. they are Mohakhali, Mirpur, Gulshan, Uttara, Mogbazar. so we can easily reach every nearest hospital. You can simply call us to get our services or can fill-up the form from the homepage. we always taking care of everything. Most of the time hospital area is covered by us. we can help you to go anywhere all over in Bangladesh. You can also check us in Map. we are also available there. We are happy to help a needed person. We also provide Ac Ambulance Service, Icu Ambulance service in the same location.


Freezer Ambulance Phone number.

Our services of freezing ambulances are available twenty-four hours a day that can be availed any time by calling on the  ambulance phone number. Please Note Down Our number  +8801919339689 .

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