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We have brought you the best quality online ambulance service in Dhaka. Be it pandemic or other adverse situations. we are ready to transport the patient to the hospital or home. We value your lives and we will not let anyone die without getting proper treatment.

 During the pandemic situation, we have noticed that people are dying before getting admitted to the hospitals. So that, we have taken the initiative to launch our online ambulance service in all over Bangladesh , Mirpur, Mohakhali and as well as other rural areas so that people can easily access emergency ambulance services in Bangladesh. We provide 24-hour emergency ambulance services to people and acute illnesses as well as pregnancy. 

online ambulance service by Ambulance BD

Ambulance Bd gives the 24/7 service in Bangladesh. We Provide AC and Non AC Ambulance, Freezing Ambulance and ICO Ambulance services all over Bangladesh. So if you need an emergency ambulance service  then simply call us to get services.

ambulance service in dhaka

Our Emergency Ambulance Services

We are giving full medical support ambulance service in BD
ac ambulance in Bangladesh
ac & non ac ambulance
Ambulance BD provides AC Ambulance service. So patients can go anywhere safely at any time. We are 24 hours ready to give services to the patients. Our AC Ambulance service is the best fastest service in Dhaka and Bangladesh .
freezer ambulnace in dhaka
Freezer Ambulance
We also provide Freezing Ambulance to carry dead bodies from one place to another. It is very important to keep a dead body safe. So if anyone needs a freezing ambulance service then we will ensure that safety.
icu ambulance
Ambulance BD is also providing ICU, CCU, PICU ambulance services in Bangladesh. we give special life support in that ambulance. So who needs emergency service can easily get our ICU ambulance service.

Advanced life support facilities with other essential equipment are present in our ambulances

Ambulance Bd

Our online ambulance service provides basic life supports in all of the ambulances. In addition, we provide advanced life support systems in our several ambulances. We provide cardiac monitoring systems along with intravenous cannulation facilities also. Dhaka is the busiest city in Bangladesh.  It is very difficult to reach the hospitals quickly by beating the traffic.

 Our experienced drivers of emergency ambulance service will help you reach the hospitals as early as possible. All our ambulances are fully furnished with clean beds for patients, stretchers, oxygen cylinders, wheelchairs along other essential equipment. Our online ambulance services also provide comfortable seats for the companions of the patients. Moreover, our ambulances have air conditioners that make it more comfortable for the patients.

Emergency Ambulance Service Terms

Online Booking

We are also available online. Just make sure of a booking. Send us your location with details. Our ambulance service will get you soon

Quick Response

We are always active for you at any time, anywhere, any situation. Just call us. We will serve you with a quick responsible ambulance service.

Fare Rate

Our ambulance service has not a specific fare rate. Actually it depends on the destination. That’s why it’s not a certain charg

Why Choose Us

We aim to provide the best ambulance service at the lowest pricing. Our main objective is to save the life of the patient rather than making a profit. Therefore, we offer our online ambulance services at the lowest possible rate so that everyone can afford our services. We also provide an online ambulance service in Mirpur.

 All of our ambulances are equipped with pre-medical care and equipment that will help in treating the patients at the initial stage. Moreover, we provide an online ambulance service in Mohakhali along with other rural areas of Bangladesh. In some scenarios, we have trained medical professionals in the ambulance who initiate the primary treatment in the ambulance.

Expert Driver

We have an expert driver. They give their best service as they are highly experienced.

Experience Skills

We are doing this job for many years. So we are expert in this Service. We can understand whats are basically needed.

Quick Service

We provide very quick service. so just call us to get our fastest and best services.

Trusted Work

In this field, our brand is very famous for the best services. The highly reputed company we are.

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Ambulance Service FAQs

Ans: Obviously, You can ensure an ambulance service with just a phone call. Just inform us of the details. Such as ambulance type, location, patients conditions, departure time, etc.

Ans: Actually It depends on traffic situations in Dhaka city. But we always try to send an ambulance with just a few times like 10-15 min. Outside of Dhaka we server our ambulance service with a few times.

Ans: Click on the book now on our websites. Here you have to add some details of you and your patient’s condition. After submit we will contact with you via this number [ 0000000000].

Ans: For your kind information, It’s not possible to provide our ambulance service outside of Bangladesh. But We can provide our ambulance service in Bangladesh to India by air ambulance. You can check our air ambulance service terms & conditions.

we are providing emergency ambulance service in Bangladesh. so that means it means it means if patients need any emergency service then we will arrange every kind or emergency services

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Best pre-medical care facilities in our ambulance service Dhaka.

Emergency Ambulance service

We provide emergency ambulance services Dhaka to all districts of Bangladesh including the rural areas. We do not delay in any situation and it is always a phone call away from your doorstep. In any weather condition, our emergency ambulance service in dhaka is at your service for 24 hours. We are committed to providing the quickest service to our clients.  We value your lives and we provide 24 hours emergency ambulance services in Dhaka, Bangladesh to everyone without discrimination. 

We believe that everyone has an equal right to treatment and medical attention. our ambulance services provide equal attention to everyone without judging them on socio-economic status, gender, age, or other parameters. Our online ambulance services always prioritize your needs and help the patient reach the hospital on time. Moreover, our paramedics, as well as life support systems, handle the critical condition of the patients without any discrimination before reaching the hospital.  

our successful works

Our Emergency ambulance service in Dhaka is one of the reliable and expedite ambulance services in Bangladesh. We specialize in the transportation of critically ill patients by advanced life support ambulance.










Other Emergency Ambulance services in Dhaka

We provide various types of Emergency ambulance services such as ICU ambulance, AC ambulance, Non-AC ambulance, PICU ambulance, CCU ambulance, etc. Our service is the best ambulance service in Dhaka Bangladesh that provides fully equipped ambulances to all of our clients. We provide both AC and Non-AC facilities to the patients. 

 In addition, the ICU, CCU, PICU ambulance services Dhaka include necessary life support systems along with fully trained medical professionals that initiate the primary treatment of the critical patients. Moreover, we have freezer van ambulance services. Our freezing ambulances carry corpses from one place to another with guaranteed safety. It protects the dead body from getting decomposed by keeping it at the lowest temperatures.  

Our emergency online ambulance services  are affiliated with different hospitals in Bangladesh including Apollo Hospital Dhaka, Asgar Ali Hospital, Dhaka Medical Hospital, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, etc. You just need to call our number to get the ambulance at your doorstep.        

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